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On the three pages linked on the left you can read in great detail all about how we grow our garlic.  There seems to be many ways to grow and process your garlic and for everything that we do, there is probably at least one counter viewpoint.  If you're interested in growing your own garlic our advice is that everyone’s garden is unique,find whatever combination works well for you and do it. 

Also, near the bottom of our Planting and Growing page we now have information on how to grow garlic in containers.  John and Sharon's experiment was a success and they have shared what they have learned with us along with some photos of their container garlic farm on their deck and their resulting crop.

We’re not farmers and we definitely don’t have green thumbs.  As a matter of fact, our house plants usually look like something out of a science fiction horror movie, our veggie garden is generally a huge disaster, and our flower gardens are even worse off most of the time.  So, if we can grow garlic well, trust us, anyone with dirt can too.

We hope you enjoy the story of how we grow our garlic and the things we've learned the along the way and sometimes the hard way.

Close up photo of our garlicHere's a closeup shot of some of our freshly harvested garlic.  Notice the purplish stripes on the bulb wrappers of this variety. Some varieties are as pretty as they are tasty.

Free feel to email us with any questions or suggestions.  To contact us via email, please use the form on the bottom of the "About Us" page.  You may also email us directly at: karenandmike @wegrowgarlic.com  (be sure to remove the space between our names and "@" before you send)

If you're looking for some seed garlic to try growing your own garlic please be sure to check out our online catalog to see what we have available. 

Photo of a tiny garlic bulb with a face drawn on it.And just remember, have fun growing and trying different garlic varieties to see how they do for you and don't be afraid to experiment a bit.  We're still obviously having fun with our garlic...even when we get the occasional itsy bitsy ones like this  (perhaps we're having a little too much fun?) 

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