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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many friends and family members and wonderful helpers that have helped us with our garlic hobby over the years.  Without the countless hours of work that you’ve helped us with, the encouragement you’ve given to keep us going, the advice you’ve given us, the yummy treats you've brought to feed the hungry garlic crew, helping by plowing our field and delivering straw, and the starts of new varieties you’ve shared with us, (just to name a few of the wonderful things you've all done for us) none of this insanity would have been possible for just the two of us to do on our own.

Besides, we really do have a lot of fun getting together during planting and harvest times don’t we?  It really is about much more than just the garlic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We love you all!  (and we are so sorry you all smell like garlic now!)

We also would like to add our sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased our garlic.  We hope you've enjoyed your garlic and for those of you who are planting it, we hope you have an excellent crop! 

Thanks so much,

Karen & Mike      

Hard working helpers standing outside of garlic drying barn after harvest is overHere's a photo of two of our hardest working helpers after a job well done!

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