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Photo of our family walking along our field courtesy of Alexander Kurov of myphotodream.comWhen we purchased our little farm just north of Madison, WI, and moved to the country in 2000, we held a strong conviction that farmland should remain as farmland.  There was only one problem with that conviction, we are not farmers and we were now the proud owners of some prime Wisconsin farmland.  Fortunately our farming neighbor was willing to take a portion of our land under his wing and keep it in agricultural production.  We still had the nagging feeling though that as the actual owners of the land, we had the duty to find some sort of crop to grow ourselves; preferably something easy to grow that didn’t require the purchase of expensive machinery or the use of any chemicals.

We’re both garlic lovers so we decided that we’d keep a small piece of our land available for us to try our hand at growing garlic.  Karen is a pesto fanatic and needs a lot of garlic every year to make her pesto and she just wasn’t happy with the garlic available from the grocery stores.  It was just too boring and bland.  There just had to be a better alternative!

At the time we had no idea whether one could actually grow garlic in Wisconsin or not.  Everyone we asked said our climate was too cold and really had no idea if it was possible.  We started to do some research and found that it indeed might be possible however we still couldn’t find exactly the information that we were looking for: the detailed “how to” of it all so we took what information we had found and winged it from there. 

Well, as it turns out, you can grow garlic in Wisconsin, and you can grow it very well too.  This site contains the information we’ve picked up here and there as well as the lessons we’ve learned from our successes and mistakes along the way during our adventure of growing garlic in Wisconsin.   We’re going to share what has worked and not worked for us.  You really can’t beat the taste of fresh garlic!  Give it a try, it’s easy, and we have extra seed quality garlic available every year after harvest for sale in our online catalog to get you started.

See our new online catalog or the “Try our Garlic” page for info on how you can….(well)….try our garlic of course.  If you have any problems with the catalog please let us know - we'd like to hear if there are any problems using it.  Thanks!

Please use the form below to contact us with any questions or comments.  We love hearing from fellow garlic lovers!

You may also email us directly at: karenandmike @wegrowgarlic.com  (be sure to remove the space between our names and "@" before you send)

Photo of little boy running through garlic field in fall.  Photo by candid by Sommer Von Behren

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